Insights into the premises

The birth centre is situated in one of the most beautiful locations in the canton of Zurich, a five-minute walk from the Zollikerberg Hospital. The hospital’s park and the furnishings of the birth centre convey a feeling of peace, security and happiness.

Like at home

Our birth centre offers you a cosy home away from home. Our spacious family rooms are equipped with everything you need to enjoy your first days with your baby in safety and peace.

  • Wooden birthing bathtub
  • Birthing stool
  • Gymnastics ball
  • Changing table
  • Double bed with children’s bed
  • Table and seating facilities

24/7 care

Large family rooms

Garden view

WiFi & music connection

Overview of all rooms

The rooms are large, warm and bright. In addition to the family rooms, there is a shared kitchen and a garden. Rooms are allocated according to availability and cannot be chosen freely.

Family room 1

38.31 m2
Birth bathtub

Family room 2

35.20 m2
Birth bathtub

Family room 4

39.44 m2
Birthing stool

Family room 3

40.57 m2
Birth bathtub

Medical help near you

The birth bentre expands the services of the gynaecological clinic and offers an alternative to families who choose a non-clinical, midwife-led birth.

At the birth centre, you will be cared for exclusively by experienced midwives and prepared for a natural, low-intervention birth. You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a birth centre while having the infrastructure of a hospital nearby. If a transfer to an hospital is required, then we work hand in hand with the Zollikerberg Hospital. This means that all the necessary preparations can be made at the hospital while we as midwives initiate the transfer with professionalism.