Geburtshaus Zollikerberg


A new life is on its way and it’s a time of great emotions for the whole family. We accompany you during your childbirth and we are offering you comfort, peace and sensitivity.

Obstetrical care before, during and after birth

We care for you with empathy and commitment and support you as well as your family with our extensive knowledge during pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.

Midwives out of passion







Our midwives

We see ourselves as companions who advise and support you through this intense and exciting time in your life. No question is too much for us and no emotion is too exhausting. We look forward to every interaction.

We provide a calm and safe environment for you and your child.

What makes us different?

At the birth centre “Geburtshaus Zollikerberg” we fulfill your wish for a midwife-led, calm and natural birth. The same team of midwives accompanies you from start to finish.

Plenty of family time

Empathetic midwives

Calm environment

Near a hospital

Arrange a consultation

We are here for you.

Frequently asked questions

A birth centre is an out-of-hospital facility run by experienced midwives to care for women during pregnancy, birth, the postpartum and breastfeeding.

During the preliminary discussion with the midwife, we will evaluate whether a birth at the birthing center is an option for you. The services of our birthing center are generally intended for healthy women who are experiencing a uncomplicated pregnancy and expecting a healthy child.

The competence of midwives includes the independent care of a physiological birth. Studies show that a birth in a birthing centre is as safe for healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies as a hospital birth. In the birthing centre, you will receive individual 1:1 care during childbirth. This means that your midwife is there for you at all times and does not attend to any other births at the same time. This allows us to quickly recognise any deviations from the normal course of labor. If you or your child require additional support such as medication or medical interventions during childbirth, the transfer to Zollikerberg Hospital or another nearby hospital will be initiated. If your child needs support after the birth, additional assistance from the hospital will be requested after the primary care provided by the midwife. Our midwife team is regularly trained for out-of-hospital emergencies, and the birthing center is equipped with emergency medications and the necessary infrastructure.

The midwives’ competence includes guiding the physiological birth and recognising deviations. However, should you or your child need further support, it is possible to get medical help quickly and safely from the Zollikerberg hospital next door or to transfer you there.

Childbirth at the birth centre is covered by your health insurance. The flat rate of CHF 800 must be paid by the mother herself. First consultation (CHF 150) and the flat rate of CHF 800 must be paid by the mother herself. The first consultation for a delivery at the birth centre in Zollikerberg can be deducted from the flat rate.

Visits are possible as part of our informational events.

Here is the link to the information evenings for expectant parents.