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A new life is on its way and it’s a time of great emotions for the whole family. We accompany you during your childbirth and we are offering you comfort, peace and sensitivity.

Obstetrical care before, during and after birth

We care for you with empathy and commitment and support you as well as your family with our extensive knowledge during pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.

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Our midwives

We see ourselves as companions who advise and support you through this intense and exciting time in your life. No question is too much for us and no emotion is too exhausting. We look forward to every interaction.

We provide a calm and safe environment for you and your child.

What makes us different?

At the birth centre “Geburtshaus Zollikerberg” we fulfill your wish for a midwife-led, calm and natural birth. The same team of midwives accompanies you from start to finish.

time for you and your child

empathetic midwives

calm environment

near a hospital

Q&A with Pia Schnitzler

Clinic and Project Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

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A birth centre is an out-of-hospital facility run by experienced midwives to care for women during pregnancy, birth, the postpartum and breastfeeding.

In a preliminary discussion with the midwife, we will evaluate whether a birth in a birth centre is an option for you.

During the birth, you will be accompanied by your midwife team and receive intensive personal care. With little medical or technical effort, we enable you to experience a self-determined, natural birth. In addition to relaxation and breathing exercises, we use various complementary medical methods and take care of your well-being. The rooms in the Geburtshaus Zollikerberg are bright and friendly, so that you feel comfortable and secure. They are equipped with various aids such as birthing stools, exercise balls, towels and a wooden birthing bathtub. The family rooms are large and comfortably furnished so that you can move around freely.

The midwives’ competence includes guiding the physiological birth and recognising deviations. However, should you or your child need further support, it is possible to get medical help quickly and safely from the Zollikerberg hospital next door or to transfer you there.

Childbirth at the birth centre is covered by your health insurance. The flat rate of CHF 800 must be paid by the mother herself. First consultation (CHF 150) and the flat rate of CHF 800 must be paid by the mother herself. The first consultation for a delivery at the birth centre in Zollikerberg can be deducted from the flat rate.

Tours will be possible as of 1 September 2023.

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