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We’re happy to answer any questions you have about your pregnancy, your baby’s approaching arrival, your labour or the place of birth.

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A birth centre is an out-of-hospital facility run by experienced midwives to care for women during pregnancy, birth, the postpartum and breastfeeding.

As a team of midwives, we promote natural birth and offer holistic care during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This promotes trust in us and enables you to experience a self-determined birth and to improve your body confidence. A birth centre like this one creates a warm atmosphere for the whole family and enables you to give birth far away from the hectic hospital routine. In this way, you can devote yourself fully to yourself and your baby.

In a preliminary discussion with the midwife, we will evaluate whether a birth in a birth centre is an option for you.

During the birth, you will be accompanied by your midwife team and receive intensive personal care. With little medical or technical effort, we enable you to experience a self-determined, natural birth. In addition to relaxation and breathing exercises, we use various complementary medical methods and take care of your well-being. The rooms in the Geburtshaus Zollikerberg are bright and friendly, so that you feel comfortable and secure. They are equipped with various aids such as birthing stools, exercise balls, towels and a wooden birthing bathtub. The family rooms are large and comfortably furnished so that you can move around freely.

Tours will be possible as of 1 September 2023.

The midwives’ competence includes guiding the physiological birth and recognising deviations. However, should you or your child need further support, it is possible to get medical help quickly and safely from the Zollikerberg hospital next door or to transfer you there.

To ensure optimal preparation for your birth in the Geburtshaus Zollikerberg, we would like to start taking care of you as early as possible (from the 32nd week of pregnancy at the latest). You are welcome to contact us directly or have your gynaecologist register you for a preliminary consultation.

Should you or your child need support, it is possible to transfer you quickly and safely to the Spital Zollikerberg, where further obstetric or neonatal services are available.

Yes, the Geburtshaus Zollikerberg midwife will accompany you and/or your newborn baby when you are transferred to the hospital ward. Once there, she will say goodbye to you, and the hospital midwife will continue to accompany you with the same commitment and compassion.

After you have left the birth centre, we recommend that your newborn baby has an initial medical check-up in the permanent paediatric unit of the Spital Zollikerberg.

In order to ensure that parents and their newborn baby enjoy a calm introduction to the family, only siblings are allowed to visit in addition to the accompanying person. Unfortunately, the siblings are not allowed to stay overnight in the birth centre.

Unless otherwise requested, the postpartum care will be provided by your trusted midwife team at the Geburtshaus Zollikerberg.

Childbirth at the birth centre is covered by your health insurance. The flat rate of CHF 800 must be paid by the mother herself. First consultation (CHF 150) and the flat rate of CHF 800 must be paid by the mother herself. The first consultation for a delivery at the birth centre in Zollikerberg can be deducted from the flat rate.

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