Natural birth with comfort

The Geburtshaus Zollikerberg is the right place for women who have a healthy pregnancy and who wish to have a natural and low-intervention delivery. We place great importance on the well-being and safety of you and your child.

Start of counselling and pregnancy


As midwives, we accompany you with empathy and holistic care from the beginning of your pregnancy or at the latest from the 32nd week of your pregnancy. The consultations take place in our birth centre in Zollikerberg, at our midwifery practice or at your home.

It is very important to us to already care for you during your pregnancy in order to build mutual trust and to know your needs and wishes as well as those of your family.

Labour and delivery


The health of you and your child is our top priority at all times. With our broad expertise in midwifery and our many years of experience, we accompany you during the labour in a protected environment, at your own pace and with plenty of room for self-determination.

We are there for you throughout the birth process and can thus devote ourselves entirely to you and your companion. Towards the end of the birth a second midwife always joins to help with the delivery.

Should a transfer to a hospital be necessary, we are close to the Zollikerberg Hospital and can be at the gynaecological clinic within a short time to provide you with the support you need.

First days in the postpartum period


In order to give you the opportunity to recover in the first days after the delivery and to enjoy your time together as a family, you and your accompanying person will stay in our comfortable and large family room for three days.

During your first days in the birth centre, we will visit you to answer any questions you may have. We will support you with breastfeeding and postnatal care and examine your child.

During your stay you can also reach us by phone. During the day, a hostess is in the house and will look after your well-being. During the night, a specialist will be at your side.

Before you leave, we recommend an examination by the paediatrician of the paediatric department of the Zollikerberg Hospital.

Additional services such as complementary medicine


We integrate various methods of complementary medicine in our midwifery care to provide you with the best possible care during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. To ensure that you feel well taken care of, we offer various complementary and supplementary therapies at all stages (see list below).

In the Center for Integrative, Complementary Medicine & TCM (ZIMT), a wide range of services is available. We collaborate closely with the center, especially in alleviating pregnancy-related issues, to provide you with additional therapy options.

  • Homeopathy
  • Herbal medicine
  • Aromatherapy

Courses and events


We have put together a wide range of courses and events so that you can fully prepare yourself physically and mentally for your pregnancy and delivery. The courses are aimed at the whole family. Details will follow shortly.

To prepare you during pregnancy, we provide you with individual prenatal counselling adapted to your needs. Breastfeeding counselling, baby massage and recovery gymnastics are included during the postpartum period. Further courses are currently being developed. If you are interested, please contact your midwife directly.

  • Informations evenings
  • Prenatal courses for pregnant women and couples
  • Counselling for women to improve breastfeeding practices
  • Postnatal gymnastics

Natural birth

in a safe and calm environment.

Frequently asked questions

A birth centre is an out-of-hospital facility run by experienced midwives to care for women during pregnancy, birth, the postpartum and breastfeeding.

During the preliminary discussion with the midwife, we will evaluate whether a birth at the birthing center is an option for you. The services of our birthing center are generally intended for healthy women who are experiencing a uncomplicated pregnancy and expecting a healthy child.

The competence of midwives includes the independent care of a physiological birth. Studies show that a birth in a birthing centre is as safe for healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies as a hospital birth. In the birthing centre, you will receive individual 1:1 care during childbirth. This means that your midwife is there for you at all times and does not attend to any other births at the same time. This allows us to quickly recognise any deviations from the normal course of labor. If you or your child require additional support such as medication or medical interventions during childbirth, the transfer to Zollikerberg Hospital or another nearby hospital will be initiated. If your child needs support after the birth, additional assistance from the hospital will be requested after the primary care provided by the midwife. Our midwife team is regularly trained for out-of-hospital emergencies, and the birthing center is equipped with emergency medications and the necessary infrastructure.

Unless otherwise requested, the postpartum care will be provided by your trusted midwife team at the Geburtshaus Zollikerberg.